Rather than just offer a huge warehouse for rent, we wanted to tailor make each area of our sound stage to suit your needs. Knowing that many of our production clients are independent or student films, we decided to help build out the studio you need so you won’t have to spend so much on production design. Yes, we’re talking about you, student filmmakers!



Our first build out is a hospital room set that has a nurse’s station that could also double up as a pharmacy set, and two hospital beds in a ward that could easily function as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or standard hospital room set depending on your production. On top of the set pieces, we also have functional hospital set equipment such as heart rate monitors, stethoscopes, IV drips, and all sorts of doctor’s instruments to help cut down on your props and costumes costs. As the beds are movable and on rollers, the hospital sound stage is also entirely configurable and the set pieces can be rearranged as necessary to suit your film production.  




Filming in a real police station is virtually impossible, and might even get you arrested! We’re not taking any chances here at Norkai and have built out an intricate police station set that any LAPD or NYPD detective would be comfortable in. Painted in NYPD blue (seriously; it’s an actual color), this standing set immediately transports your audience to something they’re used to seeing in CSI, NCIS, Law & Order, or NYPD Blue.

Alternatively, this standing set can also function as not only a standard office set but also a startup office set too. Whether you prefer cubicles or the open floor plan feeling, the Norkai office film set can be configured to your specifications.




We get it – It seems like everyone has a white cyc wall these days, but ours offers added flexibility and quality. At 15‘ by 10‘, it has enough room for actors and actresses to film tape for their demo reel, audition remotely for that pilot they’ve been dreaming for, or filming that Matrix-inspired PSA. The white syc set is also painted over monthly so rest assured that your backdrop will always be seamless.

Alternatively, our white cyc wall can be converted into a green screen wall instead, where you can film anything as complex as the next sci-fi saga or fantasy film, or something as simple as VFX plate shots for insertion into your film later.

On top of the cyc set, the loft area can also be shot as a standing set too; some past clients have used it to double up as a standing set Los Angeles or New York while others have depicted it as a photographer’s studio set, office set, or loft-style apartment set since it has a makeup and green room area for rent as well. There’s even an overhead balcony area where filmmakers can shoot overhead shots as well.




Let’s face it – It’s tough filming in Los Angeles, especially when it comes to streets and back alleys. Not only are getting Film LA permits expensive, but it’s often a logistical nightmare. Hopefully, Norkai can help by offering up a private downtown city standing set that features a long 50’ by 20’ foot alleyway that can function as a street standing set in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta or more.

And if your production does not have any city or exterior scenes, the alleyway can also be used to park your grip truck, set up your production hub, or function as a extras and cast holding area.